And of course you can add images or whatever you want here too. Tabs are nothing new, but tabs that display inside your mega menu are pretty awesome 🙂

Just like Divi, Divi Mega Pro is responsive out of the box (thanks to Divi’s responsive grid). Your Mega Menus will automatically scale and stack on mobile, allowing the mega menus to be viewed on mobile devices.

However, in some cases, you may want to simplify the mega menu on mobile. Using Divi’s included responsive design tools, you can change the styling of your mega menus for just mobile, or even completely disable a section, row, or module on mobile devices. This allows you to create smaller and more compact mobile mega menus! Plus, Divi Mega Pro allows you to completely disable your mega mega on certain devices too for enhanced mobile control!

Plus, we have even more mobile-focused features in the works too!

Increasing Profit Return Through Design & Innovation In Red Meat Processing

We understand that one solution does not fit all production processes. With this in mind, we design and build solutions to specifically meet the demands of each beef, pork or lamb production site. Select your production requirement:   Boning Halls & Secondary Processing >   Retail Packing >