Whistleblowing Directive


In line with recent EU legislative changes, from 17 December 2023, SF has set-up a formal whistleblowing channel for our employees to report concerns about wrongdoing in the workplace. The reporting channel is easily accessible and guarantees confidentiality and protection from retaliation. As a business, we are determined to ensure that employees, contractors, agency staff, trainees, temporary employees, volunteers, board members, job applicants, shareholders and former employees are knowledgeable of their rights and responsibilities in relation to disclosures.

Examples of wrongdoing that can be reported via the whistleblowing channel includes criminal offences, miscarriage of justice, endangerment of health and safety, environmental damage, failure to comply with a legal obligation, unlawful or improper use of public funds and other issues. Any disclosure must be where an individual believes that the disclosure relates to a relevant wrongdoing and that the information disclosed, and any allegation contained in it, are substantially true.

The procedure for raising any issue that amounts to a protected disclosure is to report any concerns you may have in writing by emailing raiseconcerns@sfengineering.net or using the button below. The matter will be treated with complete confidence, and your identity will remain protected.