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The rising demand for affordable poultry products is an ongoing global trend. In order to remain competitive, processors look to SF Engineering to optimise their operational sites.

With many years of experience in this sector, we not only focus on the best possible solution to cater for today’s needs, but we also consider future possibilities and requirements.

We offer solutions for processing all types of poultry including broiler, turkey and duck, after cut-up, through portioning, grading and distribution, quality control, packing and labelling at any required production capacity.

By integrating our partners’ world-class equipment with our own hygienic design conveying systems and crate handling, we have developed a range of poultry processing solutions from standalone units to full turnkey solutions.

Our objective is to ensure we meet our customers’ goals whilst achieving the best possible return on investment. 

SF experience built in to every processing line


Improved yield

Within poultry processing operations, even small fluctuations in giveaway can have a significant impact on revenue. That’s why each of our solutions focuses on eliminating guesswork and maximising yield, resulting in higher profits throughout your business.

Reduced labour

Reducing the dependency on skilled labour is a key factor when we design our poultry processing lines. We offer a range of fully-automated or semi-automated line solutions that ensure you can achieve consistently high-quality products at increased production speeds with less personnel.

Increased hygiene & safety

Our line solutions are ergonomically designed with operative health and safety in mind. We are always considerate of work station heights, reducing heavy lifting and manual handling, conveyor pinch points, and allowing easy access to reduce clean down times.

Superior pack presentation

Control, accuracy and speed are key to achieving superior pack presentation and increased shelf life. We offer a range of world-class leading weighing, packing and sealing technology to ensure your product is presented at its best as it leaves your processing facility.


Inspection & Trimming

More Information on SF Inspection & Trimming Lines

The flexibility of the SF Inspection and Trimming lines allow processors to select those cuts necessary for achieving optimum product value and keeping loss to a minimum.

Manual trimming is performed on back-lit trimming boards to ensure operators are alerted to the presence of bone fragments.

The solution can be designed to incorporate manual tray packing or a takeaway conveyor can transport the product to further downstream processes such as:

Speak to our team in Ireland or the UK to find out more information about inspection & trimming.


Ishida G2 X-ray Dual Energy Sensor

More Information on the Ishida G2 X-Ray Dual Energy Sensor

The Ishida G2 X-ray Dual Energy Sensor detects what other inspection systems miss making it ideal for the detection of bone in bulk product before further processing.

It has the most effective X-ray detection of low-density objects, including bone, shell, metal, glass and rubber.  It offers pinpoint detection of foreign bodies under 0.6 mm thanks to its enhanced G2 technology, from shell and stone, to metal and bone.

More information on X-ray inspection systems.



PORTIO High-Precision Cutting Machine

More information on the PORTIO portion cutting machine

The PORTIO, is a high-precision portion cutting machine, capable of up to 1000 fixed weight cuts per minute.  The blade can be set to an angle of 0 to 30 degrees or 45 degrees to achieve a natural look on sliced poultry portions. Specialised programmes ensure the best decision is made prior to cutting to maximise yield.

Once portioned, we offer a range of solutions to ensure the product and trim is efficiently sorted.

  • The Retractable Outfeed will efficiently separate the trim from both the front and back-ends of a single product by way of a high-speed retracting belt. 
  • Alternatively, to help the separation of the trim from the portions, the blow off solution uses a pneumatic nozzle located at the top or the side of the outfeed conveyor.
  • An Outfeed Product Holder is used to separate the individual portions as they exit the portioner and before passing over the weighing unit.
  • Strip Separator is used to cut cubed poultry at high volumes with minimum labor and maximum efficiency. The Strip Separator ensures strips are singulated and aligned as they are transferred from one Portioning machine to another. Resulting in a higher yield with a better-looking end product because of the almost perfect alignment of the strips.
  • To optimise yields, an In-line grader can be used in combination with the outfeed product holder and weighing unit. Multiple target weights can be programmed on the PORTIO and same weight batches are brought back together once graded.

The PORTIO Jet is a state of the art waterjet portion cutter, designed to portion boneless poultry products such as chicken breast and boneless leg meat into predetermined customized shapes while maintaining fixed weights.

More information on portion cutters.


Weighing Scales

More Information on Weighing Scales

We provide a range of weighing scales to suit your processing requirement including flow scales, bench top scales and floor scales.

All scales provide high levels of accuracy and are robust enough to match up to the heavy demands of the poultry industry.

For more information, contact SF Engineering in Ireland or UK.


Batching & Grading

More Information on Flexible Batching & Grading Solutions

SF supply a range of flexible grading and batching solutions to suit your needs throughout the processing operation. Whether the product is whole, portioned, fresh, frozen, or marinated. Each solution helps to reduce labour requirement and speed up the processing operation.

Depending on the requirement, our batchers and graders can operate as stand-alone units or can be fully integrated into a complete packing line. When working in-line with our portioning equipment, yields can be optimised and giveaway is minimised through intelligent programming and accurate batch building.

SF graders are capable of grading products by size, weight or quantity.  These efficient solutions eliminate human error and minimises product giveaway, guaranteeing higher levels of accuracy, hygiene and traceability.

For additional flexibility, further downstream processes can include:


Multihead Weighing & Distribution

More Information on Multihead Weighing & Distribution

We design and build fully-automated multihead weighing and distribution processing lines which are perfect for a high throughput poultry processing operation.

These multihead weighing and batching lines are suitable for all fresh and frozen (IQF) poultry products including: breasts, legs, wings, thighs, fillets, strips, goujons, diced product and livers.

The system handles all in-feed, sorting, mixing, and precise weighing requirements to achieve exact weighed batches of product which is then distributed into either an awaiting tray, bag, or directly onto a conveyor belt for delivery to a grading line.

Further downstream processes can include:

For more information, contact SF Engineering in Ireland or UK.


Tray Handling & Packing

More information on Tray Handling & Packing

Presentation and speed are fundamental in the tray packing and handling process. We provide solutions that ensure this phase of production is either fully automated or operating with a reduced labour requirement whilst still achieving optimum throughput and superior pack presentation.

For channelling products from multi-lanes into a single lane at optimal speed we offer pack turners, singulators and convergers to ensure correct presentation when the pack reaches downstream processes such as a labellers.

We offer a powerful range of advanced Tray Sealing & Denesting solutions that deliver the highest standards of pack appearance, convenience, shelf-life, safety and hygiene.

Whether your requirement is to pack a single product or many different products per shift, whether you operate short, medium or long production runs, there is a tray sealer to meet your production challenges.

To discuss your unique application with our expert team, please contact our team in Ireland or the UK today.


Quality Control & Labelling

More Information on Quality Control Checks

Correct quality control checks should be made throughout the packing process to promote customer satisfaction and ensure you meet the strictest legislative requirements.

We supply a range of world-class solutions from partners Ishida and Ceia to help you achieve this. Find out more about our solutions :


Industrial Washers & Dryers

More Information on Industrial Washers & Dryers

The poultry industry requires extremely high levels of hygiene. This starts at entering the processing area all the way through to the cleaning equipment used during production.

Our Industrial washers and dryers are built to suit your exact pollution requirements. We understand the constant challenge of contamination when cleaning crates, bins, pallets, dolavs and trays.

From stand-alone units to fully integrated, automatic washing and drying solutions, each system saves valuable labour and utility costs, whilst maintaining the highest level of hygiene.

More information on our Industrial Washers & Dryers range.



Hygiene Solutions

More Information on Hygiene & Industrial Washers & Dryers

Our Hygiene equipment helps prevent the risk of contamination. We provide a wide range of high-quality solutions including:

  • Access control boot and hand washers
  • Hand sanitisers
  • Knife washers & sterilisers
  • Boot washers and storage racks
  • Apron Washers

More information on our Hygiene Equipment range.


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