Hygiene Equipment

Controlling hygiene standards in food production environments

Access Control Boot Washer

Preventing The Risk Of Contamination


SF Engineering’s range of high-quality stainless steel hygiene equipment is specifically designed for both operational and personal hygiene applications.

SF Engineering works closely with its customers to ensure all their hygiene requirements are met using the correct hygiene equipment.

Following the correct hygiene protocol is essential in every food production environment to prevent the risk of contamination. 

Reliable, high-quality hygiene equipment



Manufactured from AISI 304 Stainless Steel 


Hygiene equipment is intelligently designed to prevent bacteria hideouts


Hygienic design, rounded edges are easy to clean


Robust and reliable hygiene equipment

Hygiene equipment solutions for the food industry

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Hand Sanitisers

More Information on Hand Sanitisers

From photocell (contactless) operation to manual elbow operation, all our hand sanitising stations offer easy installation everywhere assuring an efficient disinfection of hands.

Manufactured from AISI304 Stainless Steel construction with a heavy-duty design, these units also feature anti-vandal and theft safety.


Hand Basins

More Information on Hand Basins

These hygienic washbasins can be freestanding or wall-mounted, with photocell (contactless) or manual operation.

Manufactured from AISI 304 Stainless Steel, their robust design has been cleverly designed throughout to prevent cross-contamination and to make cleaning easy. Their solid edge rim prevents bacteria hideouts and the deep troughs prevent splash, giving the operator ample room to clean their hands thoroughly.


Boot Washers

More Information on Boot Washers

Boot washers range from manual operation units to fully automatic walk through sole or boot washers depending on the contamination control level in your facility.

Automatic: The rotating brushes and soap dispensers are activated automatically by means of a photocell.

Manual operation: This very easy-to-install boot washer requires no power. Water is emitted from the brush when the operator steps on the pedal. Soap can be pumped manually if required.


Access Control Sanitising Equipment

More Information on Access Control Sanitising Equipment

Our access control sanitising stations are specifically designed to ensure all sanitising protocols are met before accessing the production area.

Perfect for high-risk areas, employees are required to disinfect hands thoroughly before turnstile door opens.

Units can combine both washbasins and foot baths or automatic walk through sole-washers.

Models are available for way-in and way-out control combining control entrance and exit with varying hygiene stations depending on requirement.


Knife Washers & Knife Sterilisers

More Information on Knife Washers & Knife Sterilisers

Knife washers: Designed for ROSER’s Knife Holder with a capacity of 15 to 30 Knife Holders per minute, the automatic washer washes, rinses and sanitises knives.

Knife sterilising cabinets:  Use a TUV lamp generating ozone to clean between 12-72 sets of knives effectively.


Boot Drying & Storage Racks

More Information on Boot Drying Racks

Boot Drying Racks are very effective for drying and sterilizing of boots, helping to eliminates fungus problems. With the capacity for  30 or 60 boots, these racks are supplied with an adjustable thermostat and an automatic cut-off system so air only flows when hanging the boot. They are electrically heated by 2 elements of 1000 W each and 0.05KW fan with ozone germicidal 9W lamp.

Boot storage racks are an essential part of locker room storage and can hold up to 40 boots per unit.


Apron Washers

More Information on Apron Washers

These manual operation apron washers are supplied as either a wall-mounted, space-saving, fold-out washer or a 3-sided cabin structure to reduce splashes.

For use with plastic aprons, they include a soap dispenser and brush.


Locker Storage Cabinets

More Information on Locker Storage Cabinets

Locker cabinets are manufactured from 1mm stainless steel and feature a sloping top to avoid the accumulation of dust, making cleaning very easy and preventing people from putting objects on top.

Available in 2 or 5 modules with full or half doors. Each door has a lock, ventilation slots and a holder for an identification card.

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