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Competitive and flexible end-to-end food production line solutions

Whatever machine or solution you are looking for to enhance your food production line or facility, you’ll find the answers in the SF Direct Product Catalogue. Our comprehensive catalogue explains the options, technologies, and services that are available for every element of your production line.

This includes automation solutions that improve key metrics like throughput and yield while reducing the number operators that are required at key points on your line. It also includes quality control equipment to help you meet the exacting requirements of your customers, multihead weighers, portioning equipment, and much more.

Modernise Your Food Production Lines to Overcome Challenges and Take Advantage of Opportunities


  • Reduce your reliance on operators, including skilled operators, with advanced automation solutions
  • Improve the quality of your products and reduce the risk of product recalls
  • Improve throughput to enhance revenue, increase productivity, and deliver on customer requirements
  • Reduce energy and/or water usage to cut costs and help achieve your environmental and sustainability goals
  • Improve working conditions for operators
  • Maximise yield by reducing product giveaway
  • Improve how you use data, including providing real-time production data to your customers
  • Optimise your production line investments and achieve fast returns on investment
  • Minimise unplanned downtime through effective maintenance and the availability of spare parts

Comprehensive Range of Food Manufacturing Products and Solutions


  • Fat analysis equipment for red meat
  • Portioning and grading equipment for meat, fish, and poultry
  • Multihead weighers for all types of food product, as well as weigh price labelling equipment
  • Tray denesting and tray sealing equipment
  • Quality control equipment, including metal detection, x-ray inspection, and check weighing
  • Conveyors, platforms, and packing stations
  • Lifting and tipping equipment
  • Washers and dryers, including crate washers and dryers
  • Hygiene and access control equipment
  • Consultancy services, including planning, design, project management, manufacturing, installation, and commissioning
  • Preventative maintenance and service contracts
  • Spare parts

Download the SF Direct Product Catalogue

The SF Direct Product Catalogue contains all the information you need to modernise, automate, improve, and extend your food processing lines and facilities. Get your copy today.

File size approx 20MB

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