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Fast, High-Quality Tray Denesting & Sealing


Developed in consultation with world-leading retailers, Ishida’s tray sealing solutions deliver the highest standards of pack appearance, convenience, shelf-life, safety and hygiene.

The QX-flex range offers outstanding tray sealing technologies for the many different demands of today’s food industry.

Whether you pack a single product or many different products per shift, whether you operate short, medium or long production runs, there is a tray sealer to meet your production challenges.

Additional benefits of an Ishida tray sealer



Sealing only, gas flushing or vacuum gassing options to suit requirement


On-line gas analysis of each sealing cycle, for precise control MAP specification


Designed for rapid changeovers, with super quick and easy tool change


Easy set-up and operation for maximum operator productivity and reduced down-time


Economical use of consumables


Robust, hygienic design for effective cleaning


Top quality seals at impressive speeds


Reliable and efficient

A powerful range of advanced tray sealing & denesting solutions 

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QX 500 - For less waste and high productivity

More Information on QX-500

The QX-500 redefines Ishida’s tray sealing capability with an all-new compact platform that can process up to 100 trays per minute.

Rising production costs, performance, operational efficiency and sustainability targets are addressed and have been engineered in the QX-500 innovative design.

From intelligent power management to delivering operational efficiency, the QX-500 has been designed to deliver less waste and increased productivity. With innovative engineering features such as patent pending IntelliSeal, low-cost tooling and space-saving design, the new QX-500 provides total value.


QX 300 Flex - Entry level machine

More Information on QX-300 Flex

The QX300 Flex offers superb sealing results for semi-automatic production. This entry-level tray sealer model combines excellent seal integrity and pack presentation with flexibility, quick changeovers and user-friendly operation in a compact and hygienic design.

The QX-300 semi-automatic tray sealer gives you a wide range of tray and seal options, offering serious production speeds of up to eight cycles per minute, with up to six trays per cycle.

  • A space-saving, highly mobile unit that can be rapidly switched from one production area to another

  • The same wide choice of tray-type, seal-type and atmosphere as our fully-automatic models

  • Simple set-up and operation, easy tool-swapping for rapid changeovers

  • Robust, hygienic design, offering impressive availability and overall efficiency


QX 775 Flex - For maximum flexibility

More Information on the QX-775 Flex

The QX775 Flex is a versatile single-lane tray sealer for moderate-to-high throughput. Many of the QX-775’s in operation are serving companies that have a wide range of fresh products, each with different pack and atmosphere requirements.

Using a combination of a smart interfaces, the latest servo technology and clever mechanical design, the QX-775 system can be optimised to suit all product and tray types, trays and film materials.
Easy, operator-friendly tool changes using automated loading and motorised lifting trolley.
Key benefits include:
  • Up to 15 cycles per minute, sealing up to six trays per cycle (with MAP)
  • Excellent results with board, plastic and aluminium trays
  • Handles all pack types, including skinpack and slicepack, up to 300mm width
  • For MAP (modified atmosphere packaging), features integrated gas mixing, analysing and coding
  • Easy set-up and operation, including rapid, motor-assisted tool changeover
  • Robust, hygienic design enables rapid, effective cleaning 
  • Shelf life extension
  • Excellent return on investment




QX 1100 Flex - For optimum packing speeds

More Information on the QX-1100 Flex

The QX-1100 Flex is available in two different configurations, ensuring a close fit to the types of products you pack, the volume you want to achieve and the frequency of product or tray-type changeovers.

This tray sealer has exceptional control of both seal and modified atmosphere to deliver the highest possible quality, with maximum appeal to consumer and retailer.

Key benefits include:
  • Seals up to 200 trays per minute
  • Full monitoring and control of MAP atmosphere
  • Lighter tool design and ‘reduced manual handling’ system speeds up tool changeovers
  • Reduced downtime, owing to self-draining, easy-to-clean design
  • Compact footprint further increases return on floorspace
  • User-friendly, single control interface enhances ease of operation
  • Efficient tool design reduces air and gas consumption

QX-1100 Single Lane

Perfect for high production throughput, especially suitable for larger tray sizes.

This single-lane version of the QX-1100 Flex can seal large trays (up to 400mm in width), up to seven at a time. At 15 cycles per minute, this means an impressive throughput of up to 100 trays per minute, making it particularly suitable for large production runs.

QX-1100 Twin Lane

Boasts the fastest tray sealing speeds available, delivering maximum capacity.

It has been designed for medium-sized and small trays. This twin-lane version, with its maximum of 14 sealing heads, can achieve speeds of up to 200 trays per minute, the fastest in the industry. 


QX 1100 Flex SDL - For two independent lines

More Information on the QX-1100 Flex SDL

The QX-1100 Flex SDL (Split Dual Lane) tray sealers can run two separate lines completely independently, offering maximum return on floorspace, at speeds of up to 15 cycles per minute with MAP.

Where you have a high overall throughput but great variety in run-length and more than a few different products to pack, the SDL offers you a unique opportunity to really get the maximum out of your floorspace. Each lane of this unique machine can run completely independently of the other, with different speeds, separate products, trays, films, pack atmospheres and target weights. You thus have two tray sealers, each fast and highly versatile, running within the footprint of a single machine.

The machine also offers:

  • Excellent pack presentation
  • Unlimited range of pack-types
  • Handles laminates, shrink films and Skinpack applications
  • Wide choice of sealing profiles to suit all product types
  • Efficient use of air and gas for optimum speed with MAP
  • Latest servo technology for total control
  • Smart built-in quality control for reduced RTMs (Return to manufacturer)
  • Open design for quick product changeovers and easy cleaning
  • Automatic set up features rapid, operator-friendly tool changeovers
  • Redundancy features for maximum uptime
  • Modular design, configurable to every demand
  • Compact footprint, offering excellent return on floorspace


Tray Denesting Options

More Information on Tray Denesting Options

The single tray denester rack rapidly and reliably de-nests trays precisely where you want them.

Integrating into any line and capable of responding to signals from upstream or downstream. The single tray denester rack can meet your exact speed and de-nesting requirements.

  • Operating at up to 120 trays per minute
  • Its compact size makes it easy to integrate into your line


The denester with automatic side buffer ensures a precise stream of trays with less need for manual intervention.

It works by consistently feeding the Tray Denester from a buffer of full height tray stacks. The total buffer length can be tailored to suit your precise needs.

  • The optional alarm signals on no-tray/low-tray detection
  • With fewer moving parts it is a low maintenance piece of equipment


All denesters offer:

  • Full external control over de-nesting speed
  • It handles trays of any shape or material
  • Optional alarm for no-tray/low-tray detection
  • Supplied to the height range you specify
  • Easy to clean


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