Weigh Price Labellers

Accurate labelling of products at high speeds

Weigh pirce labelling - SF Engineering

High Quality Label Printing At Speeds In Excess Of 100 Packs Per Minute

SF Engineering is able to offer these high performance, compact, weigh-price labellers, in partnership with Ishida, that are simple to operate and easy-to-clean, saving valuable time, space and money.

Built from Ishida’s extensive experience of labelling fresh foods, they utilise state-of-the-art technology in ways that provide unmatched speed, accuracy, consistency and reliability.

Benefits of Ishida weigh price labellers



Precise label placement, even onto products with curved or irregular surfaces


Suitable for a wide variety of products and pack types – for both top and under-labelling


Changing products, or altering label position, is simple and swift


Automatic printer positioning ensuring fast product changeovers


Integrated camera for capturing product images


Multi-rank weighing allowing you to run multiple products concurrently


Weigh Price Labellers offer quick-release belts without the use of tools


Hygienic stainless steel construction of weigh price labellers

Optimise label presentation

The WPL-AI weigh price labellers maximise production throughput, efficiency and flexibility, whilst also optimising label presentation.

Each machine offers various options and configurations to suit your products and needs.
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Weigh price Labeller

Air Jet Applicator - For Flat Top Products

More Information on Air Jet Applicator

At a print speed of up to 300mm/sec the WPL-AI is one of the fastest machines of its kind on the market. Make the most of high-speed printing by using the high-speed air jet applicator which is ideal for flat top products.


Plunger Applicator - For Irregularly Shaped Products

More Information on Plunger Applicator

The plunger applicator has independently moving flexible fingers that emulate the action of the human hand for perfect label application on curved and slanting products. The plunger applicator copes equally well with products that vary in height from pack to pack.


Automatic Conveyor Spacing

More Information on Automatic Conveyor Spacing

The spacing conveyor with motorised infeed guides ensures products are automatically separated for optimum performance, and aligned. The option comes complete with self-positioning guides to enable accurate label placement.


Side Guides - For Irregularly Shaped Products

More Information on Side Guides

This unique infeed side belt system is unbeatable in dealing with irregularly shaped products such as joints and whole birds. The side belts adjust to the product width on the fly to ensure that every product is placed centrally on the conveyor system, resulting in consistently accurate label placement.


Multi-Rank Weighing - For Multi Product Lines

More Information on Multi-Rank Weighing

The WPL-AI’s multi-rank weighing feature allows you to run a variety of products concurrently by ranking incoming products by weight or input signals (e.g. colour of tray, height of product). Each rank carries its own tare weight, ingredients text, label layout, price, catch/average-weight mode selection, printer allocation, etc. In effect, this features gives you two or more weigh-price-labellers in one.

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