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High-Precision Economic Cutting Machine With Unmatched Accuracy


The PORTIO is a high-precision yet economic portion cutting machine suited to fresh products such as fish fillets, whole fish, meat and poultry.

SF Engineering has a selection of portion cutters ranging from the high capacity PORTIO 1DAP, suitable for small food products, to the substantial PORTIO 3-400, for the largest portions of meat. 

All our portion cutters have been manufactured with a customer focus and built based on our long standing partnerships within the fish, meat and poultry industries.


Portioning machines developed from experience


Optimised yield

The PORTIO has the ability to scan to the highest accuracy whilst the highly intelligent cutting algorithm ensures all portions are within margins and with less trim. The software always calculates to leave zero waste on the product. At the same time operators can easily fine-tune to make conditional programs resulting in increased yields. 

Unmatched accuracy

The latest laser vision technology, featuring a 400Hz camera, ensures unparalleled accuracy. 1 camera from the top perfectly scans flat products such as fillets, where the 3 cameras scan the contour of more rounded products such as meat primals or whole fish. Knowing the density of the product, the intelligent software will then calculate where to cut to get the target weights.

User-friendly software

Setting up cutting programs is very intuitive and user-friendly. Each program shows the cutting pattern of the product on the screen along with the indication of the thickness and the weight of every portion. This allows very fast and easy fine-tuning of the programs to get the maximum yields.

Hygienic & easy to clean

The PORTIO is designed and built to comply with the most stringent hygiene standards. A CIP (cleaning in place) rinses the belts both from the top and the bottom to guarantee a fast and thorough cleaning in between shifts or when different products are portioned after each other. All doors can be opened or removed, leaving a completely open structure to pressure wash and disinfect. 

Additional benefits of a PORTIO portion cutter



High-speed, accurate portioning. Capable of making 1000 fixed weight cuts per minute


All motors and encoders are situated away from the wet area, which ensures long-lasting lifetime of the portion cutter


The low noise level of the portion cutter during operation creates a pleasant environment for the operators


Remote diagnostics allows the service team to diagnose the portion cutter machine status while online


Modular belting


Easy to clean


Reliable and efficient


Angled portioning

The ultimate portion cutting technology

The PORTIO portion cutter range offers the highest quality of the cut, accuracy, capacity and obtained yields gains which has consistently proven to offer our customer a fast return on investment.

Take a look at the different machines within the range or download the brochure for more information.

If you need further assistance, please contact our team in Ireland or the UK.



PORTIO 1 - For flat products

More Information on PORTIO 1

This machine is used to portion flat products vertically on fixed weight, such as fish or chicken fillets, or when only cutting to a fixed thickness is required. The PORTIO 1 is the basis for all models. The machine can be upgraded with 2 additional side cameras and all of the bolt-on options. This allows modifications to the PORTIO according to your evolving products and applications over the lifetime of the machine.


PORTIO 3 - Vertical portioning of meat & whole fish

More Information on PORTIO 3

A PORTIO 3 adds two lateral cameras to the PORTIO 1. This allows the machine to improve the scanning and cover blind spots at the side of the product that cannot be detected by the top camera only. It is used for accurate portioning of red meat, whole fish or any product with an irregular shape, in a vertical way. The machine can be equipped with the optional extras.


PORTIO 1A - Cutting on an angle

More Information on PORTIO 1A

Cutting at an angle gives a natural look on sliced portions or a bigger plate coverage. The PORTIO 1A has the ability to alter the angle of the knife versus the vertical position from 0° to 30° or 45° in just a few seconds. The PORTIO 1A uses the camera from the top. A typical application for the PORTIO 1A is chicken fillets that are portioned to a target weight and yet look as though they have been cut by hand from the breast caps. The adjustment of the cutting angle is done without the need for tools and comes with the patented system that automatically adjusts the gap between the in- and outfeed belt to the optimum spacing.


PORTIO 3A - Cutting on an angle, 3 cameras

More Information on PORTIO 3A

Cutting at an angle gives a natural look on sliced portions or a bigger plate coverage. The PORTIO 3A has, next to the top camera, the additional 2 lateral cameras for more rounded products, as well as the feature to alter the angle of the knife versus the vertical position from 0° to 30° or 45°. Typical applications for the PORTIO 3A are large chicken fillets that are portioned to a target weight and yet look as though they have been cut by hand from the breast caps. The PORTIO 3A is the most versatile machine for those who process both poultry and red meat. The adjustment of the cutting angle is done in seconds without the need for tools and comes with the patented system that automatically adjusts the gap between the in and out feed belt to the optimum spacing.


PORTIO 3-300 - Up to 400mm belt width

More Information on PORTIO 3-300

For the larger pieces of meat that exceed the width of 240 mm, MARELEC has added 3 wider PORTIO models to its product range, with a possible belt width of 300mm, 350 mm or 400 mm. These PORTIOs, all equipped with 3 cameras, feature a robust execution to make perpendicular cuts with ease. The infeed consists of two separate infeed conveyors to reduce the impact of placing a heavier piece of meat while still scanning the previous piece. The belt support is made stiffer. The 400mm version has a doubled power servo motor to drive the knife through the toughest pieces of meat.


PORTIO 3D - Dual lane machine

More Information on PORTIO 3D

The PORTIO 3D is a dual lane machine featuring 300mm belts and lateral cameras for optimum scanning precision. It is designed to comply with the demand for high capacities in the meat processing industry.

The two lanes are integrated into one machine which run completely independent of each other which increases throughput whilst maintaining a small operational footprint. 

Similar to other meat machines, it has separate infeed conveyors to reduce the impact of placing a heavier piece of meat while still scanning the previous piece. A variety of optional extras are available, typically designed for meat processing.


PORTIO 1DAP - Dual lane angled portioning

More Information on PORTIO 1DAP

For the highest capacity on poultry and smaller fish fillets, MARELEC has developed a dual lane PORTIO with 229 mm belts. This allows you to process products with a width of up to 210 mm. The two lanes are integrated into one machine which run completely independent of each other, each with their own control panel. The cutting rate is standard increased to 25 cuts per second. Both lanes can independently adjust their cutting angle in 5 positions (0/15/30/45/50), equally featuring the patented auto adjusting outfeed belt. A fully stainless steel servo motor drives the knife, making the PORTIO 1DAP the most hygienic model on the market. Both lanes can be operated individually from one single touchscreen interface, which can be rotated to the operator’s most ergonomic positions.


PORTIO B - Bone-in Portioning

More Information on PORTIO B

To portion pork or lamb loins with bones to fixed weight, the PORTIO B uses the technology of 3 camera laser combinations to accurately scan all around the meat.

A vertical roller pushes down the loin to guarantee the fixed position just prior to the cutting.

The claws of a gripper assure that the loins are moving towards the cutting section without losing the position on the belt after being scanned.

The knife consists of a smooth section to cut the softer meat part and a serrated section to cut through the harder part of the bone.

Spikes on the belt, in combination with the gripper, prevent the loins from horizontal movement during the cutting.


PORTIO Water Jet

More Information on PORTIO Water Jet

The PORTIO JET is a state of the art waterjet portion cutter, designed to portion boneless poultry products such as chicken breast, fish fillets and boneless leg meat into predetermined customized shapes while maintaining fixed weights.

The camera laser combination scans to the highest accuracy and the intelligent cutting algorithm calculates the optimal cutting pattern. Typical applications are cutting chicken fillets into fixed weight portions, cubes or strips. Boneless leg meat can be trimmed down and portioned into fixed weight portions, better known as steaks or thigh patty.

By marking which cuts have priority over others the intelligent portioning software will determine the cutting pattern to create the most value. Whilst the latest vision technology combined with PORTIO JET optimisation software and state of the art nozzles results in the highest yield in the market.


Strip Separator - Poultry

More Information about the Strip Separator

Controlling the weight and shape of cubed poultry is crucial when producing fixed weight packs for retail or food service. To be profitable, cutting cubes must be done at high volumes with minimum labor and maximum efficiency.

The Strip Separator ensures strips are singulated and aligned as they are transferred from one Portioning machine to another. Resulting in a higher yield with a better-looking end product because of the almost perfect alignment of the strips.


Optional extras

More Information on optional extras

Please contact the SF Team for more information on the:

  • Density scale or dynamic infeed weigher
  • Automatic product holder
  • Back holder
  • Front holder
  • Outfeed product holder
  • Retractable outfeed
  • Blow off
  • High speed cutting
  • Grader inline with PORTIO
  • Matrix CP Software
  • Knife sharpening device
SF Portion Cutting Brochure

Selecting the right portion cutter 

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