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Innovating The Food Processing Industry To Serve The Modern Consumer


SF Engineering has a global team of over 130 specialists. We deliver food processing solutions that allow us to offer our customers increased quality, extended shelf life, and the fresh convenience and highly nutritious food required by the modern consumer.

Over the last 40 years, we have excelled as experts in the integration of tried and tested systems that fit customers’ operational needs with the aim of improving their production efficiency, yield, and product quality.

Our technical and design expertise means that SF can offer a wide variety of systems tailored to the specific needs of individual customers from the dairy, ready meals, salad, plant-based, bakery, pet food, fruit and veg, snacks and confectionery sectors. 

SF Engineering takes pride in delivering solutions that make a difference

From standard equipment to full-line solutions

SF experience built into every food processing line


Improved yield

Small fluctuations in giveaway can have a significant impact on revenue.  We ensure each of our solutions focuses on eliminating guesswork and maximising yield. This results in higher profits throughout your business.

Reduced labour

From standard equipment to full turnkey solutions, we ensure you can achieve consistently high-quality products at increased production speeds with less personnel. This reduces your dependency on highly skilled labour.

Increased hygiene & safety

Our line solutions are ergonomically designed with operative health and safety in mind. We are always considerate of work station heights, reducing heavy lifting and manual handling, conveyor pinch points, and allowing easy access to reduce clean down times. 

Superior pack presentation

Control, accuracy and speed are key to achieving superior pack presentation and increased shelf life. We offer a range of world-class leading weighing, packing and sealing technology to ensure your product is presented at its best as it leaves your processing facility.


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