SF Glazing Unit

SF Glazing Unit


Enhance the quality of your product and get a competitive edge with an SF Engineering Glazing Unit. Developed specifically for frozen fish, seafood, and poultry products, its innovative design features glazing spray bars above and below the belt. The even layer of water applied to the product freezes on contact, protecting it from quality loss and enhancing its appearance. SF Engineering glazing machines can be fully customised to meet your requirements and configured according to the product’s recipe. 

Machine Benefits


  • Enhanced product appearance with protection from quality loss.
  • Consistent glazing coverage with precise control.
  • Programmable recipes for multiple product types.
  • Minimised washdown times for greater efficiency.
  • Hygienic design features to prevent contamination build-up.

Download the SF Glazing Unit data sheet

File size approx 1.5MB

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