Ishida Multihead Weigher Weigh Drive Unit Servicing in Ireland – What You Need to Know

by | Mar 1, 2023 | Blog

Ishida Multihead Weigher Weigh Drive Unit Inspection in Ireland

If you have an Ishida multihead weigher in your production facility in Ireland, you will know how important it is to your operations. Therefore, it is essential to ensure the machine is in good working order to keep your production lines operational and to maintain performance standards and product quality. Weigh drive unit servicing is a crucial part of looking after your Ishida multihead weigher.

You can find out more below about Ishida multihead weigher weigh drive units, the problems that can arise, and the steps involved in getting them inspected, serviced, and repaired.

Free Inspection Throughout March

As Ishida’s equipment partner in Ireland, we have developed an extensive range of services and expertise to serve the Irish food production sector. We can help keep your Ishida multihead weigher in optimal condition.

Plus, throughout the month of March, we are offering FREE Ishida weigh drive unit inspections. Just send your weigh drive unit to our service centre and we’ll inspect it for free. Get in touch with our servicing team today to find out more.

What You Need to Know About Weigh Drive Unit Servicing and Repair

What problems can develop in multihead weigher weigh drive units?

Multihead weighers deliver a range of benefits, including reducing giveaway and the requirement for operators on that part of the production line. While weigh drive units are high-quality components, they are subject to wear and tear as part of normal operations. One of the most common problems is water ingress because of failed seals.

Where can I get my Ishida weigh drive units serviced or repaired in Ireland?

As we are Ishida’s equipment partner in Ireland, you can get your weigh drive units repaired with us at SF Engineering. We have a test rig at our facility in County Sligo, we have fast-tracked access to parts, and our servicing team is well-trained and experienced. We also benefit from ongoing support from the team at Ishida.

What weigh drive units do you service and repair?

We repair weigh drive units from standard 1.5 litre, 3 litre, and 5 litre Ishida multihead weighers.

Why should I send my weigh drive units to SF Engineering?

Everything that is needed to inspect, service, and/or repair your weigh drive unit is right here at our Irish facility. This means you don’t need to ship the unit to the UK, reducing shipping costs and the added duty that now applies following the UK’s exit from the EU.

We also offer a rapid turnaround on repairs and our prices are competitive.

What is the process of getting my weigh drive unit inspected, serviced, or repaired?

Get in touch with us to let us know you need an Ishida weigh drive unit inspected, serviced, or repaired. You’ll then need to send the unit to our support centre in Grange. Once it is received, one of our experienced technicians will inspect the unit to determine what is required.

You’ll receive a quote and once you are happy to proceed, we’ll complete the work. All servicing and repair work is carried out according to Ishida’s guidelines and SF Engineering’s high standards. We’ll then return the weigh drive unit to your facility.

What happens if I don’t have a standard machine?

If you don’t have a standard Ishida multihead weigher, the weigh drive unit will need to be sent to Ishida in the UK. We can manage this process for you as well as providing other support. Please get in touch.

Do you offer SLAs that cover weigh drive units?

Yes. A service level agreement with SF Engineering can help to prevent breakdowns and keep your multihead weigher operating to the highest levels of performance.

We offer customised SLAs that can include weigh drive unit performance reviews and full strip-down inspections. With an SLA, all reviews and inspections take place at your facility, so there is no need to send weigh drive units to us as we’ll come to you. Get in touch today to learn more and to get a quote.

Take Advantage of Our Free Inspection Offer

Our free inspection offer on Ishida multihead weigher weigh drive units is available to all Irish customers throughout March. The free inspection offer only applies to weigh drive units sent to our facility in Grange, County Sligo. Contact our servicing team to take advantage of this offer.