Adding Value By Portioning To Fixed Weights

May 19, 2020 | Blog

Red Meat Portioning - Retail line

When market trends change, supermarkets and retailers need to react quickly often requiring meat processors to adapt their products and processes to suit demand.

The Fixed Price Pack

Starting initially in the UK, but spreading very rapidly over Europe and other continents, there is a strong tendency for a large variety of meat product to be offered at fixed prices per tray. Consumers buy according to the available budget rather than to a required volume or weight.

Consistent Portions

Other meat processing industries are following fast. Large hotel chains where chef’s cook steaks according to predetermined temperatures and timings, require fixed weight products. Meat for ready meals, where the microwave time is indicated, must be within small tolerances of weight variations. Another example is the identical portions for airline catering and not forgetting schools and hospitals who all benefit from fixed weight portions.

Fulfilling the Demand

It is up to the supplier of the meat to fulfill these demands. There are machines on the market nowadays that cut all kind of meat products into portions of fixed thickness or fixed weight or a combination of both. The PORTIO from MARELEC is a market leading intelligent portion cutter. The economical return is very fast due to the high capacities, accuracy and significant yield increase, with one portion cutter fulfilling the work of 6 manual labourers.




How The PORTIO Works For You


Pre-programmed calibration enables you to switch product setup in seconds. Specialised programmes ensure the best decision is made prior to cutting. Operators can also fine-tune programmes swiftly to find optimum yields.

Scanning & Intelligence

The 3D laser scanner calculates the weight as the machine intelligently decides the best possible cutting pattern to minimise by-products.

High-Speed Cutting

The Portio is capable of 1000 fixed weight cuts per minute. With the addition of a Back-holder, product stays upright on the belt until the final cut to maximise yield. Dual lane portioners are available resulting in higher capacities on a smaller footprint.

In-Line Grading

The Marelec In-Line Grader working in tandem with the Portio, brings the same weight portions back together. The number of stations required and the types of grading arms and bins are all designed to match your product requirements. It is specifically designed for weighing and grading of small or vulnerable products, such as meat, fish and poultry.

Poultry-Portioning Under Angle

Portioning under angle allows you to achieve a natural look on sliced poultry portions. It’s fast and simple for operators to change the cutting angle from 0 to 30 degrees or 45 degrees without the use of tools and slicing under angle does not compromise the speed and accuracy of the Portio