Seminar – How to Increase Your Profit With the PORTIO Portion Cutter

Dec 9, 2020 | News

Marelec Live-PORTIO Seminar



Meat & Poultry Processors – Join the discussion on 16th & 17th December

Marelec Live – Free Seminar

Learn how you can increase your profit with the MARELEC PORTIO portion cutter. This high-precision yet economic portion cutting machine is suited to fresh products for retail or food service.

During the seminar, Marelec will take you through different applications, show you how yields can be improved and give away can be reduced. In other words, proving the return on the investment.



Simply sign up below and choose which time you would like to attend.

Marelec Live Poultry: Wednesday December 16th

Marelec Live Meat: Thursday December 17th