Next Generation X-Ray Delivers Unrivalled Inspection Levels to the Poultry Industry

Feb 10, 2022 | Blog, News

Introducing-IX-G2-F-X-Ray Inspection for Poultry Processors

Offering significantly enhanced sensitivities for the detection of low-density and difficult to spot foreign bodies, including bone, the IX-G2-F dual energy X-ray inspection system from Ishida represents another major advance in their X-ray inspection portfolio.

Greater detection of bone fragments in poultry

Handling thicker and denser products such as chicken fillets, chicken breasts and a wide range of poultry products can traditionally be problematic, especially where product is overlapped or presented with uneven surfaces. To overcome this the new IX-G2-F incorporates a new line sensor that provides a high-quality X-ray image through an enhanced signal to noise ratio which has increased the ability to detect bone fragments by a factor of four compared with previous X-ray models.

Reduce the risk of false detections

The enhanced sensitivity of the IX-G2-F machine has proved to greatly reduce the risk of false detections. This helps processors to maximise throughput and avoids the costs associated with unnecessary waste and the repacking of products.

The high performance of the IX-G2-F is supported by a unique self-learning Genetic Algorithm (GA) technology which combines with the new line sensor to deliver maximum detection sensitivity and reliability to poultry processors.

Low density foreign bodies such as bone fragments are detected with ease

Even at high throughput rates, the GA technology focuses the X-ray machine to identify difficult to detect contaminants with an exceptionally high degree of accuracy, by using image data analysis over a number of trial runs. As it is common in food production for similar contamination problems to recur, data logging can help to build up a more precise calibration protocol with each trial. This enables permanent or recurring defects to be easily identified during the inspection process.

The dual energy technology incorporates two line sensors, one which takes images at high energy and one at low energy. When compared, in real time, a better overall image of the product with a clearer contrast between the product and any low-density foreign bodies, such as bone fragments are efficiently detected. 

Poultry processors are already reaping the benefits

The next generation Ishida IX-G2-F X-ray inspection system, with its improved line sensor and software capabilities is already delivered significant benefits on production lines. The enhanced sensitivity is providing poultry processors with even greater reassurance that their high product quality standards are being maintained. What is more, by minimising the number of false rejects, production can be maximised.

See the IX-G2-F in action during its virtual launch

Ishida’s enhanced IX-G2-F X-ray will be launched on the 1st March 2022 at 10am. Join the discussion for a complete market overview of the Poultry industry. Focusing on the current challenges with bone detection and how the new enhanced X-ray is addressing the poultry sector requirements. This includes:


  • Ability to deal with key poultry sector challenges
  • Effectively dealing with small bone fragments that remain after the automated deboning process
  • Maximising production throughputs while minimising false rejects
  • Easy integration – small footprint allowing minimal production disruption
  • Ease of use – user intuitive software with auto learn feature

Find out more about how SF are increasing throughput and delivering greater product quality and flexibility within the poultry industry here or download our brochure here


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