SF Direct Product Catalogue Launched by SF Engineering

by | Jan 26, 2023 | News

SF Direct Product Catalogue

At SF Engineering, we have launched the SF Direct Product Catalogue to provide food processors with a comprehensive resource covering all types of production line equipment and solutions. The catalogue details the latest products and technologies, from advanced automation equipment to x-ray inspection technologies to packing stations and conveyors.

Patricia Molloy, Sales and Marketing Manager at SF Engineering, said: “SF Engineering has been in business for nearly 40 years, but this is our first comprehensive catalogue of products and solutions. We believe now is the right time to launch the catalogue as the food manufacturing sector is currently facing uncertain conditions and a range of challenges, from high energy prices to staffing pressures to changing customer expectations.

“There is also a continuous push to maintain competitiveness and improve profitability. As a result, food manufacturing facilities large and small are looking at the equipment investment options that are available, with a particular focus on return-on-investment timescales.

“The SF Direct Product Catalogue details all the equipment and technologies currently available to modernise food production facilities, deliver efficiency gains, and improve productivity. All the equipment and solutions can be fully customised according to customer requirements with SF Engineering’s flexible and adaptable approach.”


Equipment and Solutions for Food Production Lines and Facilities


The food production line equipment and solutions featured in the SF Direct Product Catalogue include:

  • Fat analysis equipment
  • Portioning and grading equipment
  • Multihead weighers
  • Tray denesting equipment and tray sealers
  • Quality control equipment
  • Conveyors, packing stations, and platforms
  • Industrial washers and dryers
  • Lifting and tipping equipment
  • Hygiene and access control equipment

The catalogue also outlines SF Engineering’s comprehensive services, including engineering design, manufacturing, integration, installation, and commissioning. We also offer maintenance services and spare parts.


Focus on Solutions


Patricia said: “In all interactions with customers, we focus on solutions at SF Engineering. For example, we might work with a customer to reduce the number of operators required on a particular part of a production line, enabling the customer to allocate resources to other parts of the facility.

“An essential component is that we offer end-to-end solutions working with our industry partners and our internal engineering team.

“Our goal is to deliver on the requirements of our customers. We also prioritise some essential metrics and KPIs in the projects we work on. Examples include ensuring our solutions are as energy and water efficient as possible. We also work to maximise throughput, yield, OEE, and operator working conditions.

“We are proud to launch the SF Direct Product Catalogue and we hope it is a valued resource in the food processing industry.”

You can access the SF Direct Product Catalogue for free! Click here to view it online or download a PDF copy today.