Technical Redesign of Industrial Washers for Improved Hygiene

Nov 30, 2020 | News

UN-3000 Crate Washer


Based on years of experience and customer questions, our partners at UNIKON have made a number of technical improvements to the UN series of industrial washers with a goal of making the machines even more hygienic.

Improvements that have been made to the UN series include:


Improvement 1: Chamfer for water drainage

The bottom of the wash tank and the base of the drying module have been adjusted so that they are sloping with as few obstacles as possible. These adjustments ensure that no water can remain in the drying module, which in turn ensures better hygiene.

The shape of the bottom of the dryer has been adjusted so that the water is better discharged and can no longer be sucked up by the strong air flow. This benefits the drying result.

Because of the hygiene requirements the machine includes sloped plating on the top of the machine.


Improvement 2: Extension of the tank

The tank has been extended in the new model to make it possible to have a good view of the inside of the tank during inspection which also results in improved access to the tank during cleaning.


Improvement 3: Screws instead of welding

In the new UN Series design, Unikon have chosen to reduce the amount of welding, favouring screw instead which makes maintenance of the machine a lot easier.


Improvement 4: Retrofitting rotary filter

The new design allows relatively easy retrofitting of rotating filter should the customer decide that their choice of filter tray no longer meets their needs.


Improvement 5: Control cabinet

The control cabinet has been given a new location. It has been moved from the bottom to the side of the machine. The advantage is that any leaking water can no longer end up on the cabinet. In addition, the accessibility of the control cabinet has improved enormously.


Improvement 6: Separate zones

More space has been created between the main wash zone and the rinse zone so that washing water has less of an effect on the rinse result.

More space has also been created on the input side. As a result, the operator suffers less from splashing water. An additional advantage is that fewer neutral zones need to be added during the configuration of the machine.


Improvement 7: Connection of fan and airknives

We no longer use plastic hoses between the fan and the airknife. This has made way for a fixed stainless steel connection. As a result, there is no longer any chance of mould forming in the plastic hose.


Improvement 8: Drainage of condensation water

The steam extraction is equipped with condensation drainage as standard. The condensation water flows back into the machine without falling on the washed product.


When it comes to industrial washing machines, there are only two things that are important: high hygiene and low costs. For further assistance on selecting the right washer for your requirements and to discover how much you could save on water and labour costs, please contact our team in Ireland or the UK. For more information visit our Industrial Washers & Dryers page.