The Latest Innovation in Tray Sealing Technology for the Food Industry – the QX-500 Tray Sealer

by | May 30, 2023 | News

Introducing the Innovative QX-500 Tray Sealer

Whether you are looking to upgrade equipment on your food production line, you’re upgrading or expanding the entire line, or you are installing a new line at your facility, there is a new tray sealing solution that could deliver on all your requirements – the QX-500 Tray Sealer.

The QX-500 has been designed specifically to overcome some of the most pressing challenges facing the food industry today:

  • Space limitations – the compact, low-height design of the QX-500 improves operational visibility in your facility while keeping the required footprint to a minimum.
  • Improving sustainability – the QX-500 minimises waste with an innovative control system and stabilised tray handling.
  • Reducing costs – the QX-500 has a number of energy-saving features that reduces the cost of operation, including an intelligent power management system and air-cooled tooling. The lightweight cassette format of the tooling further reduces costs.

Innovative Tray Sealing Technology

The QX-500 Tray Sealer was developed by SF Engineering’s equipment partner Ishida. Ishida launched the QX-500 at the Interpack processing and packaging trade fair in Germany in May 2023. Speaking at the Interpack launch, Tara O’Connor, Ishida’s Tray Sealer Product Manager, described the new QX-500 as a “revolution in tray sealing technology”, adding it was developed and designed to combat the challenges currently faced by the food industry.

Tara said: “The QX-500 is Ishida’s most innovative, compact, sustainable, energy-saving tray sealer that delivers full-size production.”

The applications that the QX-500 is suitable for include:

  • The protein sector, including red meat, poultry, and fish.
  • Ready meals, dairy, salads, and frozen produce.

Key Performance Features of the QX-500

  • The QX-500 utilises a patented technology called IntelliSeal. This system optimises three key sealing factors – pressure, time, and temperature. It continuously monitors all three for each cycle, producing consistent and high-quality sealed trays.
  • Processes up to 100 trays per minute.
  • Ensures highly accurate sealing and spillage-free product transfer even with challenging product applications as the unique design of the conveyor system ensures smooth and stable tray handling.

Tooling Features of the QX-500

Ishida has implemented a cassette tooling system for the QX-500 to ensure the tooling is lightweight and affordable. Format changes are also quick and easy. Compatible tooling formats include:

  • Seal only
  • Vacuum gas
  • Gas flush
  • Skin pack

Consultancy, Specification, Supply, Integration, Installation, Parts, and Maintenance

At SF Engineering, we provide a full range of services in relation to the QX-500 Tray Sealer. Our solution consultants factor in the capabilities of the QX-500 when working on significant projects for our customers, we can integrate and install the machine on your existing line, or we can supply the tray sealer on an equipment-only basis. We also offer post-installation support, including parts and maintenance.

To find out more about the QX-500 Tray Sealer, get in touch with us at SF Engineering today.