The Rise Of Pre-Packed Fish

Feb 20, 2020 | Blog


Are we saying goodbye to the fresh fish counter?

Consumer demand is driving change across Europe and this is signalling a decline in the number of purchases from fresh fish counters. A report was recently published in a tabloid newspaper, suggesting that some fish on a fresh fish counter could be as much as nine days old. In light of this, should the retailers and processors be focusing on more shelf space for pre-packed fish?

Informed Choices

Firstly, let’s investigate why we are seeing this change in demand. Consumers like to make informed choices whilst shopping, be it on-line or in-store. So, with the increased focus on labelling regulations, consumers can now afford to make selective product choices about provenance, hand-pick a product based on their available budget spend, remaining product shelf life and guidance about safe storage. These types of decisions are not quick and easy to achieve when making a purchase at a fresh fish counter.

Pack Presentation & Accuracy

How can fish processors meet the changing consumer demand? An important consideration when fish processors are preparing pre-packed fish is presentation and portion control. Overall pack weight is key to consumers who are shopping according to budget. In addition to this, same-size portions within the pack simplifies cooking times and meal-time quantity control.

Machinery & Optimisation

Fixed weight portioning can be achieved at high speeds on SF’s Intelligent portioning machine, the PORTIO. This high-precision, yet economic, portion cutting machine is suitable for fresh products such as fish fillets, whole fish, meat and poultry products. With the addition of an in-line grader, same weight portions can be brought back together to ensure equal size pack weights and an optimised production process.

Salmon Portioning Machine

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