UK Seafood Infrastructure Scheme Grant: Quick Guide for Fish Processors

by | Apr 21, 2022 | Blog

UK Seafood Infrastructure Scheme

The deadline is fast approaching for grant applications to the first round of the UK Seafood Fund: Infrastructure Scheme. UK fish processors and others interested in the scheme must submit completed applications by 24 May 2022. Read our two-minute guide below for an introduction to the grant scheme.

What is the Seafood Infrastructure Scheme?

The Seafood Infrastructure scheme is run by DEFRA. It has a pot of at least £65 million that will be distributed as grants to successful applicants. The scheme has two main objectives:

  • Investing in improved capabilities in the seafood industry, including fish processors, ports, and harbours
  • Investing in coastal communities

The Infrastructure Scheme is part of the wider UK Seafood Fund. In addition to infrastructure, the UK Seafood Fund also provides funding for science and innovation, as well as skills and training.

What Are the Grant Amounts?

The amount of grant you could receive will depend on the project you are planning, but it can range from £250,000 to £5 million.

Who Can Apply?

Private fish processors in the UK are eligible to apply for the fund, whether you are an SME or a larger business.

Other groups and organisations that are eligible to apply include public bodies, trade associations, and officially recognised producer organisations.

Do You Have to Invest in the Project?

There is a match funding requirement as part of this grant scheme, so you will also have to invest in the project. How much you have to invest depends on your organisation type.

For example, if you are a private fish processor that is categorised as an SME, you will have to provide 50 percent match funding. Larger private fish producers that are categorised as non-SMEs have to provide 30 percent in match funding.

How is Your Grant Application Assessed?

The first thing to highlight is that this is a competitive scheme, so it’s important to make your application as effective as possible and to know the assessment criteria. Your application will be scored on the following criteria:


  • Value for money – accounts for 40 percent of your overall score
  • Strengthening the supply chain – 15 percent of your overall score
  • Project deliverability within the timescales (projects must be completed no later than 31 May 2024) – 15 percent of your overall score
  • Sustainability (fisheries and environment) – 15 percent of your overall score
  • Sustainability (social and economic) – 10 percent of your overall score
  • Project location – 5 percent of your overall score

Is this the Only Funding Round?

No, this is round one of the scheme, and there are expected to be more funding rounds.

It is also helpful to highlight the priorities for round one, as they include infrastructure projects that will improve fish processing facilities.

How SF Engineering Can Help?

At SF Engineering, we have extensive expertise in helping fish processors in the UK and Ireland improve their production lines. This includes enhancing automation, improving throughput, improving yield, improving sustainability, and enhancing profitability.

We also work on developing innovative solutions to the industry’s challenges and opportunities – you can read an example in our latest whitepaper on making small whitefish processing for human consumption feasible and profitable.

Please visit our contact page to speak to a member of our team to get advice, to learn more about how we can help with your grant application, or to get a quote. You will need quotes from suppliers like SF Engineering to make your grant application.

What Should You Do Next?

A good place to start is the UK Government’s main web page on the grant scheme. You can also download application guidance documentation on the website.