Glazing Machine Product Launch: Enhancing the Quality of IQF Products

by | Nov 9, 2023 | News

Glazing Machine Product Launch Enhancing the Quality of IQF Products

Individual quick freezing (IQF) extends the shelf life of food products, but product quality deteriorates over time. The R&D team at SF Engineering has developed a new solution to overcome this problem. Our SF Glazing Unit sprays an even mist of water or brine onto IQF products to enhance appearance and protect against quality loss.

The water or brine freezes on contact, making this solution ideal for frozen fish, seafood, and poultry.

Download the SF Glazing Machine Data Sheet.

Our new Glazing Machine can be fully customised to meet the requirements of your product and production line, with the amount of glaze controlled by pre-programmed product recipes. The programmable recipes ensure consistently high-quality results.

Benefits of the New SF Glazing Machine

  • Enhances the appearance of IQF products, especially poultry and seafood products.
  • Protects product from quality loss during packing and shipping.
  • Provides you with precise control over the glazing process.
  • Programmable recipes for multiple product types.
  • Includes features that minimise washdown times, delivering efficiency savings.
  • Also includes hygienic design features that prevent contamination build-up.



Consistent Glazing

The SF Glazing Machine can be customised according to your requirements, but the standard option features four spray bars above the belt and four spray bars below the belt. The spray bars can be switched on and off as required and they have a 90° spread angle.

There is also a flow meter where the valves can be adjusted to achieve the right amount of glaze distribution. All these features ensure both consistent glazing coverage and precise control.

Efficient Operation

A continuous filtration system is built into the SF Glazing Machine to ensure debris larger than 5-10 microns is removed before the product reaches the spray bars. A unique scrapper system also transfers coating debris into a removable catch tray.

Easy to Clean

The SF Glazing Machine has a clean-in-place system in addition to a number of other features that make the unit easy to clean. The two high-pressure spray bars of the clean-in-place system help clean the unit’s sprockets and belt by loosening debris. This reduces the time it takes to complete the manual elements of cleaning processes.

The drip tray is also easy to access for cleaning, and it is fitted with a drain for runoff glaze. Access caps also make the spray bars easy to clean, and there are hooks on the machine for hanging removable parts during washdown processes.

Hygienic Design

A number of hygienic design features are also included in the SF Glazing Machine. The unit can also be manufactured to European Hygienic Engineering and Design Group (EHEDG) specifications.

Standard hygienic design features include:

  • Sloped surfaces to prevent contamination build-up.
  • No exposed threads to also prevent contamination build-up and aid cleaning processes.
  • All nozzles are stainless steel.
  • Features an IP69 stainless steel motor.

Enhancing Your Production Line

The SF Glazing Machine can be integrated into an existing production line or included as part of line development or upgrade projects. To find out more and to get a quote, please contact a member of the SF Engineering team today.